Discovering the Argan Region and the Valley of the Roses

  • Destination: Aït Ben Addou, Atlas, Essaouira, Kalaat M’Gouna, Kasbah Aït Bien Addou, Kasbah Taourirt, Marrakech, Ouarzazat, Valle de las rosas

Africa is a continent that catches you and forbids you to leave anymore. But don´t worry, this situation doesn´t certainly happens to everyone, it simply won’t leave you indifferent, you are delighted or not by this experience but every point of view must be respected. One thing is certain, you will leave with your head and heart full of memories that you will never forget. The smile on people’s faces, the colours, the scent, the noises, the food, the landscape, the light of Africa, it is pure nature.

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First day


Marrakech is a city intensely coloured, with a great variety of smells, faces… It is the bazaar where everything is possible and where you can find everything, it is the city where you can take a walk around the labyrinth streets of the bazaar, losing yourself without knowing where you will get; every single corner hides a surprise for you. It is taghim, couscous, dates, nuts, orange juice and mint tea, it is the Jmaa-el-Fnaa square, quiet in the morning and noisily crowed at night. Marrakech is the luxury of a “special” very cold beer in a terrace where you sit exhausted after having gone around and bargained during the day, silently contemplating the Atlas Mountains and the palm trees. The only thing that breaks this silence is the call to pray from the different mosques around the city.

Marrakech is the stress of cars, motorbikes, bikes, vans and buses, and at the same time, it is the peace of the riad backyard with shining candles. It is a walled red medieval city, where leather artisans work just as they did in the ancient times, but it is also, by contrast, The Mamounia, the luxury, The Maseratis, the golf clubs, the mansions and palaces.

It is the host city for writers, artists and painters. The Majorelle garden is Yves Saint Laurent’s party´s testimony where he has spent long seasons.
Goytisolo, the writer, lives near the square Jma the Fna, he loves the Café of France, me too, where is a great source of inspiration, just to sit down and watch people wandering

Second day

From Marrakesh to Essaouira

With just 2 hours away from Marrakesh, Essaouira is the Atlantic pearl, white houses, blue windows, seagulls, little boats, fresh grilled sardines.

It is a city with a mixture of families with children, Rastafarian musicians, artists and surfers. Essaouira is peace, humid air and wind. It is the lifestyle that reminds us to Bob Marley music. Walking around the Medina is amazing, vain, with little restaurants and terraces. It has been declared by the Unesco as World Heritage Site.

We will eat in Essaouira and in the afternoon, very peacefully, we will discover Sidi-Kaouki.

You can enjoy the endless beaches, on foot, by dromedary or quad, to practice Kate Surf or discover the Argan woods and junipers. Finally, you could be able to know how the Argan Oil is made, step by step

Third day

From Essaouira to Aït Ben Addou

From Essaouira to Aït Ben Addou, you can discover the wildness of Morocco, the pure nature, adobe houses villages while contemplating the Atlas, the mountains you have to cross to arrive to the other side of the mountain chain, where the South Morocco starts.

Ksar Aït Ben Addou is awesome, magical, stunning, it is a fortified town. The kasbah best conserved in Morocco, Humanity Patrimony Site and a very important path settlement for the caravan routes.
It is placed few kilometers away from Ouarzazate, where there are two big cinema studios. Aït Ben Addou has been protagonist in many films as Gladiator, Babel and Sahara.

In the evening, with the sunset from the river, sitting on little white stones from the shore, letting the imagination flying in front of an amazing landscape, being the only actors in our own life.

Fourth Day

Visit to the Region of the Roses Kalaat M’Gouna

The valley of the roses gets its splendour in Kalaat M’Gouna, 30 uninterrupted kilometres of rose flower crops that belong to different families.
The beauty is astonishing: the green colour of the M’Goun river valley and the tone of the damask roses.
We recommend visiting the valley in any season of the year, but it is in May when women harvest the roses, one by one, and these roses are the basis to make different cosmetic products, maybe the most common is the Rose Water.
When the harvest is finished, there is a great popular celebration.
It is a real privilege to learn about how flowers are grown, their distillation and productions processes to make different products.

Fifth Day
Back to Marrakech

During the way, you will discover Ourzazat “The great door to the desert” and the kasbahTaourirt, the old residence of the Marrakech’s Pasha, where you can still discover its rooms and the different halls, perfectly preserved. With the original stuccos and mosaics, it takes you to another period. A castle of sand and straw, declared World Heritage by Unesco.

You need to take the route that crosses the Atlas by the saddle of Tichka in order to arrive to Marrakech, which has a height of 2,260 meters. It is the best place to have a tea made with mountain herbs, which contains thyme. Let your eyes get lost in the landscape, which redefines its shape as we realize that we approach the end of great intensively lived days.

Groups  Precios 5 días / 4 noches
  • Group of 4 people
  • Group of 2 people
450 € por persona
650 € por persona

The tour doesn’t include
  • Flights, food and drinks.

The tour includes
  • Driver and guide for the 5 days.
  • Toyota 4×4 Landcruiser Prado.
  • 4 hotel/riad nights, breakfast included.
  • Visit to Argan cooperatives in Essaouira, to learn how the Argan oil and other cosmetic products are made.
  • Visit to the cooperatives in the region of the roses to learn about the process of making rose water and other cosmetic products.
  • Visit to 4 World Heritage Sites by Unesco.

Organizamos el circuito conjuntamente contigo en base a los días y a tu presupuesto.

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